Good Eats

A white-clad Southern gentleman based on Southern Gentlemen of yore, with a distinct resemblance to Colonel Sanders, Colonel Boatwright demonstrates traditional Southern recipes such as upside-down cake, ambrosia, mint julep, catfish, and bourbon pecan pie.


While the character is not directly based on the famous KFC Proprietor, Alton Brown himself also holds the honorary title of Kentucky Colonel.

According to the Catfish episode, the Colonel claims to be Alton's uncle by way of mentioning "That no-good nephew of mine".

In the "Reloaded" version of True Grits, the Colonel (now referred to--and misspelled--as "Unlce Bob Boatwright") now wears a bolo tie in place of his usual string tie, and he no longer wears glasses, although he DOES wear an eyepatch over his right eye (due to a botched LASIK procedure, according to him).