Duchon is from the Department of Anthropology and Geography at Georgia State University, who helps explore the history of the episode's topic. In later seasons she tends to appear out of nowhere, with Brown reacting in mock fear to the words "nutritional anthropologist" appearing in the script. She is probably the most featured expert on Good Eats, appearing in many episodes since part of the show is normally dedicated to exploring the history of a food. Generally, Brown ends his scenes with Duchon by asking her, "how do you like your (food of the day)?" One fourth season episode ("Chile's Angels") featured a character called "Debbie Duchon" who was supposed to be Duchon's daughter. She was, in fact, a fictional creation of Brown's when Duchon was not available for filming, leading to a bemused reaction from Duchon when fans of the show asked her about her "daughter." She likes potatoes boiled with a little butter and a lot of parsley.

Duchon died Oct. 14, 2019 from complications from Glioblastoma, an aggressive brain cancer. [1]


This Spud's for You

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