List of Good Eats episodes.

Season 1Edit

  1. Steak Your Claim
  2. This Spud's for You
  3. The Egg-Files
  4. Salad Daze
  5. A Bird In The Pan
  6. Churn Baby Churn
  7. The Dough Also Rises
  8. Gravy Confidential
  9. A Bowl Of Onion
  10. Hook, Line & Dinner
  11. Pantry Raid I: "Use your noodle"
  12. Power To The Pilaf
  13. Art of Darkness
  14. Romancing The Bird (A Good Eats Thanksgiving)

Season 2Edit

  1. It's A Wonderful Cake
  2. For Whom The Cheese Melts
  3. Apple Family Values
  4. Crustacean Nation
  5. The Fungal Gourmet
  6. Crust Never Sleeps
  7. True Brew
  8. A Grind is a Terrible Thing to Waste (A Grind of the Times; Daily Grind)
  9. Fry Hard
  10. Urban Preservation: Part 1 (Jam Session)
  11. Pantry Raid II: Seeing Red
  12. Citizen Cane
  13. Pork Fiction (A Rib for All Seasons)
  14. Ear Apparent

Season 3Edit

  1. American Pickle
  2. Mussel Bound (Shell Game I)
  3. Man with a Flan (The Egg-Files II)
  4. What's Up Duck?
  5. Behind The Bird (The Remains of the Bird)
  6. Three Chips for Sister Marsha
  7. Flap Jack Do It Again
  8. The Case For Butter
  9. Flat is Beautiful
  10. Pantry Raid III: Cool Beans
  11. Mission: Poachable
  12. Tofuworld
  13. Head Games (The Food Gallery I)
  14. Grill Seekers

Season 4Edit

  1. Where There's Smoke, There's Fish
  2. Pressure
  3. Fry Hard II: The Chicken
  4. Crustacean Nation II: Claws
  5. Ham I Am
  6. Let Them Eat Foam (The Egg-Files III)
  7. A Chuck For Chuck
  8. Pantry Raid IV: Comb Alone
  9. The Bulb Of The Night
  10. Mayo Clinic (The Egg-Files IV)
  11. Puff (Puff the Magic Pastry)
  12. True Brew II (Mr. Tea)
  13. Chile's Angles

Season 5Edit

  1. Deep Space Slime
  2. Oat Cuisine
  3. Crepe Expectations (Live)
  4. Celebrity Roast (Family Roast; A Tale of Two Roasts)
  5. Scrap Iron Chef (Bacon Challenge)
  6. Deep Purple (Berry From Another Planet)
  7. The Trouble With Cheesecake (The Food Gallery II)
  8. Squid Pro Quo
  9. Art of Darkness II (Cocoa)
  10. Squash Court
  11. Use Your Noodle II (For Whom The Cheese Melts 2)
  12. Send In The Clams (Shell Game II)
  13. This Spud's For You Too

Season 6Edit

  1. The Other Red Meat
  2. Strawberry Sky
  3. The Choke's On You (The Food Gallery III)
  4. Down and Out In Paradise
  5. Good Milk Gone Bad
  6. Egg Files V: Quantum Foam
  7. Tomato Envy
  8. Amber Waves (True Brew III)
  9. Dip Madness
  10. Chops Ahoy
  11. Choux Shine
  12. Casserole Over
  13. Use Your Noodle II
  14. Rise & Shine (Salad Daze II: The Long Arm of the Slaw)
  15. A Cake On Every Plate
  16. The Icing Man Commeth
  17. Beet It
  18. Fit To Be Tied

Season 7Edit

  1. Crustacean Nation III: Feeling Crabby (The Food Gallery IV)
  2. Q
  3. Egg Files VI: French Flop (Zen and the Art of Omelet Maintenance)
  4. The Muffin Method Man
  5. True Brew IV: Take Stock
  6. A Beautiful Grind (Sausage)
  7. Raising The Steaks
  8. The Pouch Principal
  9. Ill Gotten Grains
  10. The Trick To Treats (Tricks for Treats)
  11. Potato, My Sweet
  12. The Cookie Clause
  13. Herbal Preservation
  14. Spice Capades
  15. The Man Food Show (Man Food I)
  16. Fudge Factor
  17. Sometimes You Feel Like A ...
  18. I Pie
  19. Toast Modern
  20. Eat This Rock
  21. Top Banana (Going Bananas)

Season 8Edit

  1. Hittin' the Sauce
  2. Shell Game (Shell Game III: Oysters)
  3. Flat is Beautiful II
  4. Circle of Life
  5. Wonton Ways
  6. The Big Chili
  7. SandwichCraft
  8. Soup's On
  9. Say Cheese
  10. True Grits
  11. Art of Darkness III
  12. Stuff It
  13. Puddin' Head Blues (The Food Gallery V)
  14. Melondrama
  15. Myth Smashers
  16. Cuckoo for Coq Au Vin
  17. A Taproot Orange (Carrots)
  18. Sprung A Leek
  19. Doctor Strangeloaf Or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the bread (Dr. Strangeloaf)
  20. My Big Fat Greek Sandwich
  21. Field of Greens
  22. Do The Rice Thing

Season 9Edit

  1. Give Peas A Chance
  2. Dis-Kabob-Ulated
  3. Urban Preservation II (The Jerky)
  4. Churn Baby Churn II
  5. Power Trip
  6. Wake Up Little Sushi
  7. Cobbled Together
  8. Good Wine Gone Bad (Pantry Raid V)
  9. The Waffle Truth
  10. Great Balls Of Meat
  11. Curious Yet Tasty Avocado Experiment
  12. A Pie In Every Pocket
  13. School of Hard Nogs
  14. My Pod
  15. Tender is the Loin I
  16. Raising The Bar
  17. Tender is the Loin II
  18. Flat is Beautiful III (Flounder/The Food Gallery VI)
  19. Your Pad Thai Or Mine
  20. Shell Game IV (Scallops)
  21. Olive Me

Season 10Edit

  1. Tort(illa) Reform
  2. Just Barley
  3. House of the Rising Bun
  4. Cubing A Round (The Food Gallery VII)
  5. Water Works I
  6. Water Works II
  7. Behind the Eats
  8. Peachy Keen
  9. Okraphobia
  10. Squid Pro Quo II
  11. Pop Art (Pop Culture)
  12. Major Pepper
  13. Fry Turkey Fry (Fry Hard III)
  14. Pantry Raid VI: Lentils
  15. Tortillas Again
  16. Bowl O' Bayou
  17. Fowl Territory
  18. Fruit Ten From Outer Space
  19. Pickled Pink (Corn the Beef)
  20. Espress Yourself
  21. American Classics I

Season 11Edit

  1. Milk Made
  2. Pretzel Logic
  3. Coconut Cake Revival
  4. Sub Standards
  5. Fishn' Whole
  6. Whithering Bites
  7. Stew Romance
  8. Dill-icious
  9. Peanut Gallery
  10. Bean Stalker
  11. Kinda Blue
  12. Puff the Magic Mallow
  13. American Slicer
  14. The Wing & I
  15. Apple of My Pie (American Classics II)
  16. If It Ain't Broccoli, Don't Fix It (The Food Gallery VIII)
  17. The Alton Crown Affair
  18. Honey, I Shrunk The Cake
  19. Going Dutch

Season 12Edit

  1. Popover Sometime
  2. Celeryman
  3. Tuna, Surprise! (Pantry Raid VII)
  4. There Will Be Oil
  5. Frozen Cache
  6. Oh My, Meat Pie
  7. Et Tu Mame
  8. Going Crackers (Flat is Beautiful IV)
  9. American Classics III (Creole in a Bowl)
  10. Switched-On Baklava (The Food Gallery IX)
  11. Cran Opening
  12. Rise Of The Rhizome (Ginger)
  13. A Cabbage Sprouts In Brussels
  14. Orange Aid
  15. Pantry Raid X: Dark Side Of The Cane
  16. Gills Gone Wild

Season 13Edit

  1. Crustacean Nation 4 (Crawfish/The Food Gallery X)
  2. Tamale Never Dies
  3. American Classics 4 (Spaghetti with Meat Sauce)
  4. Tender is the Pork (Tender is the Loin III)
  5. Undercover Veggies I
  6. Feeling Punchy
  7. 10th Anniversary Special
  8. Man Food II (Another Man Food Show: Breakfast)
  9. Food Under the Influence (Fermentation Nation)
  10. American Classics 5 (A Pound of Cake)
  11. The Once & Future Fish
  12. Pantry Raid XII: Turning Japanese
  13. The Proof is in the Pudding
  14. 'Twas the Night before Good Eats
  15. Live and Let Diet
  16. Raising the Bar Again (American Classics 6)
  17. The Ballad of Salty and Sweet
  18. American Classics 7 (Don't Be Chicken of Dumplings)
  19. Curry-ous (The Curious Case of Curry)
  20. The Catfish Will Rise Again
  21. It's a pan, It's a dish, It's Paella

Season 14Edit

  1. Porterhouse Rules
  2. Grillus Domesticus
  3. Spear of Influence (Age of Asparagus)
  4. Little Big Lunch: Eggs Benedict 
  5. Flat is Beautiful V
  6. Yes We Have No Banana Pudding
  7. American Classics 8 (American Classics VIII: Tacos)
  8. Tempura (Fry Hard III: Fry, Tempura, Fry!)
  9. Oat Cuisine II
  10. All Hallows Eats
  11. Squash Court II
  12. American Classics 9 (American Classics IX: Pumpkin Pie)
  13. Egg Files 7 (Egg Files VII: Meringue)
  14. Pantry Raid Thirteen: Destination Chickpea
  15. Devil of a Cake
  16. A bird in the pie is worth two in the bush
  17. Use Your Noodle 4 (Use Your Noodle IV: Lasagna)
  18. Waiter, there is fish in my soup!
  19. The Proof Is in the Bread Pudding
  20. Roll Call
  21. The Caul of the Flower
  22. Use Your Noodle 5
  23. Right On Q
  24. Re-Romancing The Bird (Alton's Countdown to T-Day)
  25. Turn On The Dark
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