Pork Fiction
"Pork Fiction"
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"A Rib for All Seasons"


Good Eats








Who Loves Ya Baby-Back?

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July 5, 2000

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"Citizen Cane"


"Ear Apparent"

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Trapped on a desert island, Alton is eating ribs. Let him show you the way, the truth and the light about ribs.


Facts Edit

  • Hernando de Soto brought 13 pigs to Florida in 1525. Today only China has a greater swine population.
  • Unlike powdered chiles, chili powder also contains herbs and spices.
  • Any raw meat can be the bearer of Microbial bad news, so wash hot, soapy, and often.
  • "Big Bill", the largest hog on record, reached 9 feet and 2,500 pounds in 1933.
  • Commercial barbecue sauces make questionable glazes because they contain so much sugar, which burns easily.
  • Card carrying bone-chewers may want to briefly broil the concave side of their ribs too.
  • During the 18th century, scrap-munching pigs contributed to the beauty of Paris, by acting as garbage men.


Richard Metzger ... Butcher (Himself)

? ... FDA Agent #1

Alton Brown ... FDA Agent #2

? ... FDA Agent #3

Jeff Randall ... Himself

Stan Blaxton ... Himself

Eddie Moreland ... Himself

Myron Mixon ... Himself

Ingredients Edit

Rib, Baby back rib, Spare rib, Country style rib, St. Louis rib; Pepper, Black pepper; Sugar, Light brown sugar; Salt, Kosher salt; Chili powder; Cayenne pepper; Jalapeño seasoning; Old Bay; Thyme, Dried thyme; Onion, Onion powder; Wine, White wine; Vinegar, White wine vinegar; Worcestershire sauce; Honey; Garlic; Dry rub; Whisky; Bacon; Beer; Pork, Pork butt, Pork tenderloin; Ham, Picnic ham, Fresh ham; Barbeque sauce

Dishes Edit

Baby back ribs


Lid; Jar (Mason); Aluminum foil; Refrigerator; Tray; Oven; Thermometer (Oven); Paper towel; Pan (Sauce); Brush; Broiler; Plate (Paper); Bowl (Stainless-steel/ Glass); Match; Barbeque; Scissors; Wine barrel; Microwave; Spritzer ; Gloves (Latex/Rubber); Cutting board (Wood/Plastic); Shaker (Spice); Container; Salt container; Funnel (Stainless-steel); Beaker; Measuring spoon; Granite (Block); Knife; Tongs; Timer (Digital); Towel; Spatula (Rubber); Napkin

Techniques Edit

Scooping ; Packing; Shaking ; Patting; Folding; Crimping ; Braising; Stewing ; Smashing ; Chopping; Draining; Tossing ; Slicing ; Resting ; Glazing ; Reducing

Terminology Edit

Pig; Cut; White meat; Beef; Lamb; Cattle; Sheep; Meat; Rib cage; Pork loin; Back bone; Breastbone; Butcher; Meat packer; Grade (Select/Prime/Choice/1/2/3/4); Carcass; Herb; Spice; Dry rub; Seasoning; Slab; Pork ; Hog; Stock; Glaze ; Barbeque sauce ; Pit man; Maize; Gristle; Melting; Spilling; Consumer cut

Science Edit

Animal; Gastronomy; Grazing ; Grass; Iron ; Myoglobin; Flesh; Health; Hoof ; Head ; Snout; Back; Tail ; Spine ; Cryovac ; Refrigeration; Yield; Smoke ; Part ; Gram ; Ton ; Bushel; Air; Heat; Light; Contact; Liquid ; Hour ; Microbe; Foot (measurement) ; Pound ; Gelatin; Muscle; Fiber; Tissue ; Bone ; Protein; Collagen ; Transformation ; Time ; Moisture; Cup (measurement); Tablespoon (measurement); Teaspoon (measurement); Minute; Sugars ; Dissolution; Distribution ; Degree; Socket ; Doneness ; Layer; Bubbles; Second




George Orwell ; Animal Farm; Farmhouse ; France; America ; Spock ; St. Louis ; United States of America ; Hernando de Soto; Florida; 1552; China; Georgia; Bell-bottoms ; Big Bill; 1933 ; Jell-O; 18th century; Paris ; Garbage man; Rib shack

Visual Aids Edit

Pig model; Meat fiber wires


Title Origin Edit

"Pulp Fiction" - Film

Trivia Edit


  • "Pork Fiction". Good Eats. July 5, 2000. No. 13, season 2.