A parody of James Bond's "Q", W is a manager at stores where Brown goes to find kitchen gear. W is antisocial, sardonic, and finds Brown very annoying. Brown realizes this, and intentionally fools with gadgets and acts silly to get a rise out of her. He also likes to sabotage her attempts to make sales. Even so, she is the most reliable source of equipment for Brown, as she knows everything about kitchen tools and appliances.

She informs Alton that a spinner is the best way to dry greens fast. Different makes and models have different drive mechanisms. She states that the best use a spring loaded Archimedes screw with a push button and a brake.

She tells Alton a chicken in a baking pan would be better off roasting in a hub cap off his father's Oldsmobile. The right roasting pan evenly distributes, absorbs and reflects heat and can be placed over two burners for fast browning and sauce reduction. It should be heavy, have upright sturdy handles to hold with mits, and have a polished surface. This reflects heat and holds on to pan drippings, not possible on a non-stick surface. She hands Alton a pan large enouth for a rib roast but not too big for lasagna. Alton almost takes her mitts.


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Hard to believe she's a Cyborg...
Vickie Eng


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